Thursday, January 31, 2008

100 Things About Me

Once again my friend Kami, challenged us all to come up with 100 things about ourselves. I don't think that I will be able to come up with 100 things, but thought it would be fun to try, so here goes...

1. I get highlights to resemble the color of my hair when I was younger.
2. I used to be smart, but now I feel like my brain is mush!
3. I am scared of the dark.
4. I love to sing, and need to do it more.
5. Crafting stresses me out.
6. I would love to be able to craft without getting stressed.
7. I get stressed, because I want to do things perfectly.
8. I think that I am what you call a discouraged perfectionist.
9. I dislike sales calls!!!!!
10. I cannot watch any movies that are suspenseful.
11. My favorite movie to watch is Pride and Prejudice (the A&E 6 hour version)
12. I wore braces, and wore my retainer for 16 years.
13. I used to love doing laundry. I loved that feeling of all the laundy being done. With 6 people in the family, it has been along time since I have had that feeling.
14. I should be 5'11, but because I have scoliosis, I am only 5'9.
15. I love being a mom.
16. I don't love having a mom body.
17. I do love and am so thankful that everything in my body works!
18. I have never tried lobster. (am I missing out?)
19. I love onions! Lucky Dave!
20. I have a genetic defect.
21. It is, that I am missing a tooth. I had a baby tooth, with no permanent tooth underneath it.
22. When I was growing up, I lived in the same house my whole life.
23. I have 5 sisters and 2 brothers.
24. I am the youngest in my family.
25. I played Volleyball all four years of high school, but rarely play anymore.
26. I was on the swim team in college.
27. I have a mole that needs to be removed.
28. I like to cook, now that I have a nice sized kitchen.
29. I miss thrifty's ice cream. Chocolate malted crunch--soo good! Do they have thifty's ice cream here?
30. I love spicey food!
31. I could live off of chips and salsa.
32. I do not like to be alone at night.--see number 3
33. If I could pick a non-existing carrier, it would be a package decorator. You know, like packages you mail. I would love to decorate them.
34. I have rescued the princess many times on Super Mario Brothers.
35. I am double jointed in both of my thumbs.
36. I want to live in a beach house at La Jolla Shores, in San Diego.
37. I do not like winter! It is way to long!
38. I am not organized.
39. When I was a young I was a Safety Kid!
40. I have choked on a hot dog.
41. I have had the heimlich manouevour performed on me.
42. I did not spell that right.
43. I do not like to leave a project unfinished.
44. I do not start many projects because I can't stop until they are finished.
45. I love to collect recipes, but rarely use them.
46. I love clever people, because I can copy them. (giving them the credit of course)
47. I get nervous whenever I have to talk in front of anyone.
48. Tio Leo's is my favorite Mexican Food Restaurant.
49. I love McDonald's fries.
50. I do not have a green thumb.
51. I read all of the Harry Potter books in 2 months.
52. My favorite place for alone time is in the bathtub.
53. I love going to Padre games. (for those of you who don't know-that's San Diego's pro baseball team)
54. I love being from San Diego.
55. I miss San Diego during these cold winter months.
56. I love watching the sunset.
57. I have 22 nieces and nephews.
58. I am having babies at the same time as some of my nieces and nephews, making me a Great Aunt.
59. I would do anything for anyone in my family!
60. I have the best parents.
61. I love to go shopping.
62. Sometimes, I go to stores and put stuff in the cart and then walk out. I do this when I can't buy anything, but still need that feeling of getting something. Pathetic, I know. p.s. I leave the stuff inside the store. 62a. I have never stolen anything : )
63. I wish that I could make friends easier.
64. My first kiss, we bumped teeth. Ouch and EEEWWW. (that was NOT with Dave)
65. My first kiss with Dave was really nice! (under the mistletoe--cheezy, but NICE)
66. I take a dance class, even though I am not a good dancer.
67. I can do the splits.
68. I love to color in coloring books.
69. One of my favorite things about Christmas, is getting Christmas cards. Thanks to all of you who send them to me, they make me soooo happy!
70. I love Ranch dressing, everything is better with Ranch : )
71. I really enjoy Cafe Rio's Salads.
72. I used to have a clean house. I don't anymore.
73. I had a nervous breakdown in my college art class. I only had two classes left, and we had a project to do, I looked at it, and mentally could not handle it I stood up, crumpled my paper, threw it away and walked out, never to return, thus getting a failing grade. That is my biggest regret in my college career. I have to blame it on the fact that I was planning my wedding, and just could not handle anything!
74. I play the piano, "but very ill indeed" line from my favorite movie-check number 11.
75. I tried to learn how to play the guitar. Not so much!
76. I love that Dave is more crafty than me.
77. I love to watch American Idol--does that make me a geek?
78. I drink Spinach shakes almost every morning.
79. I want to be a college student for the rest of my life. I love to learn.
80. Dave paints my toe nails for me.
81. I like to have short finger nails.
82. I do not like to wear high heels. My dad says that's why I don't have shapely legs.
83. I have a freckle smack dab in the middle of my nose.
84. I don't like being pregnant, but I love feeling the baby move. (sorry, but I just felt the baby kick me)
85. I have a hard time making decisions. Especially when other people are involved.
86. I feel safest at the beach.
87. The mountains are beautiful, but they scare me. There are animals that can eat you!
88. I have a pair of roller derby roller skates, and can only skate if I am holding on to a stroller. I still have almost fallen several times.
89. I guess I am not very coordinated.
90. I love jumping on our trampoline. soooo fun!
91. I don't collect anything.
92. I love being LDS (you know, Mormon :D)
93. My favorite calling in the church was primary chorister--so fun!
94. I love playing games, I think boggle is my favorite-- no one will play with me, cuz I am dang good!
95. Someday, I would love to travel all around the world.
96. I have a tape of me singing "God Bless America" when I was two years old!
97. I pluck my eyebrows--and hate every minute of it!
98. I really want a swimming pool in my backyard.
99. I am addicted to blogging, and get my feelings hurt when people don't leave comments-hee hee.
100. I can't get rid of my Donny and Marie barbie dolls, and records. I will always be a fan.

That only took me hours! But man was that fun! Thanks Kami, for the challenge. Anybody else up for it?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Custom Candy Conversation Hearts
My friend Kami, found this awesome web site where you can make your own conversation hearts. It is fun! You should try it!

True Love

I have been thinking alot about love, you know since Valentines Day is quickly approaching. I think one of the greatest examples of true love is the Hinckley's. The following is a letter that was read at Sister Hinckley's funeral.

�My darling,

�It is now more than 60 years since we entered the Salt Lake Temple there to be married for eternity.� I had known you for a long time prior to that.� I knew what I was getting in to and it has all turned out as I thought it would.

�What a treasured companion you have been. Through all of these years we have walked side by side as equals before the Lord. There have been good days and bad days, but the good days have far outnumbered the bad ones.�

�Life, for the most part, has dealt gently with us.� During the Depression, when we were newly married, we were poor and we didn�t know it because we were so rich in the things that really count.� The laughter of happy children graced our kitchen table. The presence of a loving mother blessed our home.� The Lord opened the windows of heaven and showered down blessings too numerous to mention.� He has smiled upon us in a wondrous way.�

�When our children were young, you seldom� traveled with me.� I would be gone for as long as two months at a time.� There were not even telephone calls permitted in those days.� We wrote letters.� You never complained.� How wonderful it was to come home and be held warmly in your arms and those of our children.

�You have been my critic and my judge. You have pushed aside the flattery that comes with public life and winnowed the kind and sincere words of honest and loving friends.� You have held at bay that old fraud of adulation and kept my feet planted on the solid earth.

�How I appreciate you.� Your voracious appetite for reading and your relentless pursuit of knowledge has kept you alert and refreshing throughout a long and fruitful life.� Now we have grown old together and it has been a sweet experience.� We have shrunk in stature and move a little more slowly.� We are more forgetful, but as of this writing we still have one another and that is so good, and when in some future day the hand of death gently touches one or the other of us, there will be tears, yes, but there will also be a quiet and certain assurance of reunion and eternal companionship.

�I love you, dear.


What a Sweet Reunion they have had!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Praise to the Man

Tonight our Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley has gone home to his Heavenly Father. He was 97 years old. I know that he was a prophet of God. He worked so hard! And was such a good example to all of us. When I was a missionary he came and spoke to us at 5 a.m. in the Tabernacle. I was so tired, and here this great man was alert and vibrant. I was so impressed with his stamina, especially because he had just come off of one of his many world tours. He really lived by one of his most famous quotes, "Forget yourself and go to Work". I feel so blessed that I have had his influence in my life. We are all blessed to have known him, and to have been led by him.
We thank Thee oh God for a prophet to guide us in these latter days.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

May The Force Be With You

Star Wars II
West is becoming a huge fan of the force! He loves all things Star Wars, especially the bad guys. Should I be worried that he is going toward the dark side? hee hee! David has these little Star Wars figurines that have the huge feet so you can balance them. Well, this is West's new past time. He loves to line these little figures up anywhere and on anything like the window sill, the molding on the fireplace, and the one I am most impressed with is the back of the couch. That boy has got some skills! He frequently requests to watch the movie "STAR WARS". (picture this little guy using his toughest, deepest voice) And of course I let him. Does that make me a bad mom? He has never seen the new ones, he likes to watch Darth Vader. I just think it is too cute how he loves to sit with his brother and eat some popcorn and watch these movies. He also likes to put on the Darth helmet. Too funny! This little body, with this huge helmet on. We laugh! It is fun to see that our kids are into some of the same things we were. (star wars, strawberry shortcake, etc.)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Think Warm Thoughts

Warm, Warm, Warm!
If you are in San Diego, and want some really cool beach shots with your family, call Nathan Petty
He took these in March of 06, right before we moved to the cold, cold, cold!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Baby it's COLD outside!

Baby its cold outside

We had a great snow today! It was about six inches of powder. Perfect sledding snow, not so good snowman snow! Maybe next time! The kids had a great time playing!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

We interrupt this marriage for HUNTING season

ode to duck hunting

Today is the last day of the 07-08 duck hunting season! We are all sad to see this glorious season pass. The season of early mornings, long days without my husband, little David asking if he can go hunting, ducks in my deep freezer, and in the colder months, ducks laying on the garage floor. I must say, this will all be missed! As a woman, I don't think I will ever understand, what could possible motivate someone to get up at 3a.m. and go sit in the freezing cold. I was talking to my mom, and we both agreed that nothing could get us out of bed that early. But Dave loves it, he looks forward to this time of year. I think the planning of a Duck Season begins as soon as the last one ends. He strategizes, and researches, it is amazing all that goes into this, the hobbies of all hobbies. I am glad that he loves it, and that he has found something that he truly enjoys! This is such a legacy that has been passed down from grandfather to father to son to child. I am so thankful that Dave had that time of the long car ride to the Salton Sea, where he and his dad and brother could just talk for hours. Those times are priceless. I am also thanful that this "man" time is being continued with our little boys. I guess it is worth being a hunting widow for a few months out of the year!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Kathren's pink sparkly jammies from Grammy

My creation
Kathren loves her new jammies! Thanks Grammy!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

North Wind Neck Slides

Here is the scoop on North Wind Neck Slides. This is a business that Roger Moreau started over 20 years ago. When he died, he left this business to Dave. So of course, it is very near and dear to us. We would love to see it fly, just so Dad can see the success of what he created. I am putting this out in the blogging world, so that if any of you have scouters, or are scout leaders, you can know that these slides are here. I am hoping that by word of mouth these things can go all over the world! Let's do it!
p.s. F.Y.I. neckslides are for the necker chiefs that the scouts wear.
p.s.s. the address to our blogspot is
and the email for this is

Thanks everyone!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Who knows how to make a custom header? Anyone? Anyone?

Hey if anybody knows how to fix my header, please leave a comment!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'm it!

I have been tagged, for the first time by my friend Wendy! So here goes...
A. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.
B. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

10 years ago (Jan 1998) I was on my honeymoon, Mammoth Mountain.

5 things on my to-do list today
1. Get dressed
2. Steam Clean the girls room carpet
3. Clean my bathroom
4. Read my Sunday School, and Relief Society lessons
5. Get all the kids clothes ready for tomorrow

snacks I enjoy:
1. Tortilla Chips and Salsa
2. Cheese
3. Unsalted Almonds
4. Toast with Peanut Butter and bananas
5. Any yummy fruit

things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. Pay off all debt
2. Travel
3. Pay off every family members mortgages
4. Go shopping for clothes weekly
5. Live in a beach house in San Diego

3 of my bad habits:
1. I am a procrastinator
2. I can be lazy a lot of the time
3. Blogging

5 places I have lived:
1. Santee, CA
2. Salt Lake City, UT
3. Atlanta, GA
4. El Cajon, CA
5. Saratoga Springs, UT
(I had to resort to my mission to get five places--sad)

5 jobs I have had- in no particular order:
1. Grossmont High School, as a teacher's aid. Dave was a Campus Security guy, and he would come in every once in a while and tell me to go home, because of a bomb scare, or a student with a gun on campus.
2. I worked at Marshall Scotties, as a lifeguard. It was a fun Summer Job.
3. Borgerding, Peterson, et al- I was a receptionist for a law firm. The only thing good about that job, was that I got to work with my Stake President. It was great to be around him every day!
4. Brunshwig & Fils-- a high end interior design store. We had clients like Jenny Craig. The couches were over $10,000. I was a sample librarian. Designers would come in and check out swatches from me. It was a fun job. I wish that I would have paid attention more. The valances that I have hanging up in my house are from some free material that I got from there.
5. Alpha & Omega. This was a financial planning business. I was an administrative assistant (really I was just a glorified receptionist, that had to type letters) to the president of the company. This was the most dysfunctional office that I ever worked in, but was a huge laugh!

5 things people don't know about me:
1. I was crossing State St. in Salt Lake during morning traffic, right in front of the Church office building. I was wearing a wrap skirt, and strong breeze came along and took my skirt with it! Yikes!
2. When I was little, my brother-whenever he would see me-- would tell me to go sit on the toilet. I would run down the hall and sit on the toilet and cry, and cry until someone would come rescue me!
3. Jeffrey R. Holland hit me in the face with a newspaper--lovingly of course!
4. I have only broken one bone in my body. It was my right wrist. I broke it in the third grade by hitting a cute boy on the bum and then turning around to see his reaction. I tripped over my feet, and fell on my bum, putting my hands down to brake my fall, and by so doing broke my wrist. good times
5. I have a school athletic record. I am the least competitive in my family. I have siblings that are true athletes. I on the other hand played sports for fun. I think it is funny that after 15 years, I still have this record hanging up on the gym wall. It is for volleyball, I served 14 aces in a game. The score was 15-0. I served all 15 points. I give all credit to the other team. It was lucky for me, they all deceided to take a nap when it was my turn to serve. hee hee

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

10 YEARS and ETERNITY to go!

This is our engagement photo. Taken in November of 97.

Well today is the day! 10 years ago Dave and I were married in the San Diego Temple. It was almost exactly this time 10 years ago that I was looking into the eyes of my best friend, thinking I will get to be with this guy for the rest of my life. The guy who makes everything fun, even a trip to Wal Mart. The guy who gives THE BEST hugs! The guy who is such a great listener, that everyone would talk to him about everything! The guy who is so excited to go on a mission when our kids are all grown up. I was so excited that nothing could spoil this special day!

It is funny to think back to the time when Dave and I met. What is funny is that we grew up in the same Stake. For several years we were attending church in the same building, where our ward would overlap. I was friends with most of the youth in his ward. I knew Dave's brother, and nephews because they were in my ward. I knew his mom because I sang for her in a Young Women's presentation. I even knew his Dad. I went on an ASB exchange at the high school where he taught, and I attended his class. But I did not know Dave even exsisted growing up. It was like the Lord kept us apart on purpose, so that we could meet at just the right time. Our story began in the SINGLES WARD. hee hee! That is where we met, and became fast friends. The entire ward would hang out all the time. Dave and I paired off about 2 months before his mission. He left in January, and 6 months later I left on mine, and we wrote the entire 2 years. We both got home about the same time, and we dated for 1 year and then got married.

We got married Jan. 9, 1998. It was the year of the El Nino, so it was pouring down rain. I love the rain! The day was perfect, the reception was like a huge reunion. Because it was raining, everyone came and stayed! I felt so loved that day.
Today, 10 years later, as I look out the window it is snowing hard, I love to watch the snow! And I still feel so loved. Dave Moreau makes me feel so loved everyday! He does so much for me and the kids.

Speaking of kids, Dave and I were talking and we figured out that I have either been pregnant or nursing 7 out of the 10 years of marriage. I told him thanks for putting up with all my hormone induced melt downs, and lately, my inability to function, due to nasty morning, afternoon, and evening sickness. Last night the kids and I were watching the Brady Bunch and I said that I needed an Alice. Dave was in the kitchen cooking dinner, and he said you have an Alice, it's me. Lately that is so true, he cooks, he cleans up, he bathes the kids, and puts them to bed! Thanks so much Dave for being my Alice! You are the best! I am so glad that we have eternity to be eachother's helper! I LOVE you!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Sweet Tunes

Okay, so I am easily amused. I love to get on my blog and hear the random shuffled soundtrack that provides background music for the stories of my life. I selected songs that brought back memories, and songs that I enjoy today. When I got on just now I heard Donny and Marie, "Little bit Country and a little bit rock n'roll" I smiled at the memories that I have of watching the Donny and Marie Show with my family. I was just a little tike (3), but nonetheless, I was a huge fan barbie dolls and all. When I hear anything by the Beach Boys, I think of cleaning the house with my sisters. We would blast the stereo as we cleaned. fun times. When I get on and hear "Just a little Respect" by Erasure, or "Rock Lobster" by the B52's, I smile as I remember the fun youth dances. We had these dances every Saturday Night. My friends and I would spend the whole day, shopping and planning our outfits, and then getting ready together. Salon Selectives hairspray also reminds me of those dances, cuz we would spray our bangs with that stuff until they were so stiff, no amount of persperation would make those things move!
When I hear "The way you look tonight" sung by Tony Bennett, I smile as I remember dancing with Dave at our reception. The beginning of our new life together. Some day when I'm old and gray, I will remember the way you look tonight. So sweet. We are already going gray, so we have a head start. :)
So the question I have for y'all is what song came on when you got on? And how did it make you feel, did it bring back memories, if so share, or is it a song that you have never heard? Also any suggestions for some really great tunes that I need to add?
Easy Listenin'

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A New Year--A New You

Happy 2008!

It is time for Resolutions, it's time for new beginnings. I have been thinking about the beauty of a NEW YEAR!! A time to begin again. A fresh start. A clean slate. How Fabulous! So what are you going to do differently this year?

I am going to be a little kinder. My motto for this year is KINDNESS BEGINS WITH ME!

Let's all have a great 08!