Friday, December 12, 2008

TMJ and other nonsense

Since today is Friday, I thought I would do a little flashback.

You might be wondering, what the...? It is piles of chewed gum. I know, GROSS!!! A while back, we had some friends over to play games. I had bought the large container of Dubble Bubble gum balls. I love Dubble Bubble. And the fact that they were gumballs brought a smile to my face, because when we went over to visit Grammy and Popie, they would always give the kiddos these gumballs. Anyway, that night I decided it would be fun to chew as many pieces as I could and stack them in a gum tower. There were a few at the table that wanted to join in the fun. They combined their chew into one pile in order to smoke me! Since that night, my jaw has had a nice popping that occurs when I open my mouth. Diagnosis TMJ! Needless to say, I will never buy those gumballs again nor will I ever compete against a table full of gum chewing fools. Good Times!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I heart Caroling!

If anyone feels the need to sing and serve, come to our evening of caroling! It should be fun and a bit chilly, so dress warm!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I love Christmas Jammies!

I have always had a thing for P.J's for any season. I don't know why I love them so much, I mean no one sees them but us. I just love the idea of the little guys looking cute when they go to bed. Silly I know. It is just one of my little quirks.

Every year on Christmas Eve, the kids open their new Christmas jammies. It is a tradition that we started with Lauren when she was six months old. I love the cute prints of Christmas. So festive and fun.

I was blog lurking...blurking and I came across my friends jammie post. I did not leave a comment there but I wanted to give her a little shout out! Way to go Nicole! I am truly impressed! I wish that I could sew matching jams for my family! I absolutely love it! You are truly talented! What a fun Christmas tradition!

What are some of your traditions?

Did you know...

there is such a thing as the Utah County Wood Carvers Association? Yes there is! And My hubby entered their last competition and took first and second in his division!
Yay Dave!

We took the kids down to see all the different entries! People are really talented! I am amazed that people can take a block of wood and create such beautiful pieces of art. Dave is a duck carver. Next time you are at my house, ask to see his creations! Crafty...very crafty!

At the competition there was all kinds of carvings, from little figurines, fish, to huge horses.

There was a guy there who makes rocking horses to resemble your actual horse, all you would do is give him a picture of your horse, and six weeks later it would be in your home for your riding enjoyment!

The kids loved riding on them! Which was the highlight of the night for them!

This was my favorite. The details were amazing. Created from one piece of wood!

Monday, December 8, 2008


A while back I made a comment that I highlight my hair to resemble the color when I was younger. I did this for years. Going to the beauty parlor every three months, spending two hours in the chair, paying 65+ dollars each visit. And that was with a discount. All for the golden streaks to be placed in may drab and dark hair. I loved having the lighter hair, but the maintenance was a bit menacing.

When I was pregnant that maintenance care was canceled for a bit, due to the strange effect my hormones would have on the color. So when it was time to deliver my babies I would have nine months of root exposure. My true color.

After the birth of Lils, Dave and I decided it would be fun and economical if we dyed the hair with an over-the-counter purchase at Wal Mart. We thought that a dark golden blond would be perfect, not too light. Yet dark enough to not have to maintain that much. We put the dye on and waited. When the time was up, we rinsed and repeated, and dried, to expose the reddish hair. Roots were red, ends were blond. What?

My good friend told me to come over and she would fix it. So we dyed it a darker brown. It looked good for a while, but it faded as dyes do and left behind a mess of reddish roots, and green ends. (brown and blond make green) So I just put my hair in a pony tail, afraid to try anything else. (I just noticed Lillian's face in this picture...hilarious! If you look at my hair close you will see the reddish roots, and the green ends. It looks as if I had spent too many hours in the swimming pool)

So the other night I was complaining about my hair, talking to some friends about what I should do. Dave was eavesdropping and heard how I never wanted to wear my hair down, etc... So the next day he comes home from work early, hands me a gift certificate to a salon, and says your appointment is in half an hour. I was so surprised, and so thankful. I gave him a big hug, left him with all the kiddos, and two hours later my hair looked like this...

What do you think?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

What the...

Early the other morning, Mr. West comes into our room crying. Dave jumps out of bed, and finds this bloody mess. Well being the great father that he is, he walks West into the bathroom, with blood literally dripping all over the floor, and instead of looking for the source of the wound he runs down stairs to get the camera. Nothing like capturing the moment! So at 4:30am my little guy is standing in the bathroom bleeding, while his Dad is trying to document this awesome sight. Then there is me, I was laying in bed barely coherent. It takes me a while to wake up! What kind of parents are we? After the photo was shot, he took care of the problem. It turned out to be a bloody nose. Now to pose a question. What do you do about night nose pickers?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Letterpress Prints Launch!

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