Saturday, July 26, 2008

SwEEt gOgglEs

One of our favorite things to do when we are in San Diego is to go swimming! We love to swim at Grammy's, Aunt Lillian's, and Aunt Diane's. Thanks for letting us play in your pool!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Blessing in San Diego-July 13, 2008

We drove down to San Diego on July 12, Lillian's one month celebration. All I can say is that a new mom should not travel anywhere where you have any one who has expectations. I was still not on any schedule, and it took me forever to get ready to go anywhere.

We had quite an eventful trip, starting with a rat running a muck, and ending with a beautiful wedding. What an adventure!

The blessing was on July 13th in the West Hills Ward. That was our old ward, and all of our family, except Dave's mom and my nephew and his family are in that ward. So we thought it would be convenient to bless the baby there. Dave gave a lovely blessing, simple and sweet. One of my favorite things he said was that he asked the Lord to bless her with happiness. To smile, and laugh. He also blessed her to love her siblings. I am thankful for the priesthood, and for each one of you who stood in the circle to help with the blessing. It was so worth traveling almost 800 miles, to see you all standing up there! We love you all!

Here we are with my parents aka Grandpa and Grandma Hutchings. We are so glad that we were able to make the trip down to San Diego so that my parents could meet little Lillian Jane. (grandchild #27)

This is us with Dave's mom, aka Grammy Moreau. We are so thankful that she was able to come up when Lillian was born, and help with the other kids. That was such a huge relief to us! We are also so happy that she was able to witness the blessing of her eleventh grandbaby!

Our family picture. Five kids! I think that I am still in shock! Life is crazy, but so cool!

The men who helped give her a blessing, Steven Schimpf,my sister Lillian's son who is going on a mission to Knoxville Tennessee, Andrew Moreau, Dave's brother Kevin's son who is going on a mission to Boise Idaho, Kevin Moreau, Dave's brother, Dave, Richard Hutchings, my dad, and Larry Hartpence, my sister Diane's husband. (Kevin Schimpf, my sister Lillian's son also helped but he had to leave early)

The group shot, I just noticed poor Aunt Donna holding both West and Kathren. She is turbo woman! Thanks to all who came to support us!

Steven and Andrew wanted to take a picture because this was the first baby blessing that they participated in! I thought that was so cute! These men are going to make such great missionaries! They are so tender hearted and loving! We are so glad that they were able to help out! We love you both, and can't wait to see you before you report to the MTC!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

thrEE wEEks

We had Mr. Mike Warner of Warner Photography, come over and take a few pictures. He brought us the pictures over, and we loved them all. Thank you Mike! You are awesome! This one is Lillian's impersonation of Thriller!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

WeEk thReE

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Stadium of FIRE!!

Check out the Video Bar on the Right to see the Stadiom of Fire Dancers! The first one is the best!

This year Lauren got to dance in the Stadium of Fire! She was so excited to be a part of this years Stadium, because you guessed it Miley Cyrus was performing! She worked so hard to learn the 7 minute dance routine in one month! What a fun thing to be a part of! I am so glad that our dance teacher (Andrea Olsen with Diva's Dance in Lehi) has been a part of this for the past three years! What a cool experience for all these girls! I guess this year was the largest group of dancers that they have every had..1,300! Wowee!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

wEEk twO

It seems that all this little girl does is sleep, sleep and sleep. I tell the kids that it is exhausting being a baby. And that growing bigger takes alot of work. This week Lillian has found her dark side. She has a super intense cry. She sounds like she is in horrific pain, yet when I pick her up she stops immediately. I don't mind that she wants to be held all the time, cause that is all I want to do. I love holding her and looking at her. She is so fun. Sometimes when I am watching her sleep, she smiles and laughs. I can't help but wonder what or who she is dreaming about. I like to think of her dreaming of her Poppie, or her Uncle Rick, and her time in heaven with them. What else does a newborn have to think about, or dream about? So I like to hold her as she is dreaming of heaven, it's the closest I can get to those who have passed on, those I miss and love. This reminds me of a song from "My turn on Earth" called "Angel Lullaby". It goes a little something like this...

You came from a land where all was light
To a world half day and a world half night
To guard you by day you have my love
And to guard you by night your friends from above.

So sleep, sleep, till the darkness ends
Guarded by your angel friends
So sleep, sleep, till the darkness ends
Guarded by your angel friends

There is one standing softly by your bed
And another sits close with a hand on your head
There is one at the window watching for the dawn
And one waits to wake you when the night is done

Repeat Chorus

We are so blessed to have a knowledge of what happens when we die, and to know that life does not end, that there are angel friends to help watch over and protect us. I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to watch this little one, who just left that world, and to feel of her closeness with Heaven.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Week oNe

I am a bit behind in keeping you updated on the baby. She was a week on the 19th of June. She is so good!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Yeah it's your BiRTHDay!

Kathren's b-day
Kathren's b-day1
kathren's b-day2

Four years ago today, our Kathren came into this world! What a special day that was! We were so excited to have her join our family! She has always brought us so much joy! Kathren keeps life fun and exciting! What a blessing she is to us!

We hope you have a great birthday little girl! We love you so much!