Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Take a BITE out of Crime!

Calling all neighbors!
Missing: Blue Mongoose Bike
Last seen: last night on our front lawn
Color: Blue
Pegs: lucky (Napoleon Dynamite) but yes there are pegs
Owner: is sad
Please keeps your eyes out for this lost bike. We know that together we can fight crime!
Thanks for your help!
Please inform us if you see it around the neighborhood!


Jamma said...

Oh no...was this David's bike? It is really sad that someone would just help themselves. Hope you find it!

Olsen's said...

Uh oh! Maybe this will teach him to put it away, right? Yeah right, it won't be a lesson, I don't think they ever learn from something like that...good luck! Hope you find it!

Rachelle said...

any luck???? i hope it finds its way back home. :(