Friday, September 11, 2009

consequence jar revisited

this turned into

this which contains (drum roll please.....)


give your momma a foot rub and paint her toenails

scrub all the toilets

scrub the bathtub in my bathroom

scrub the bathtub in the kids bathroom

scrub the bathtub in the basement

Pull 50 weeds on the side yard

Pull 50 weeds in the Garden

wipe down the cupboards in the kitchen

wipe down the table,chairs and the counters

pick up 10 items and put them away

scrub floor boards in the living room

scrub floor boards in the dining room and kitchen

scrub floor boards in the front entrance and the front room

Clean front bathroom, toilet, sink, mirror, wipe down cupboards, floorboards, and floor

Vacuum the stairs up and down

Dust the bookshelf (take all books off, dust shelves and then put books back NICELY)

Wash walls on the main level
Wash walls on the upstairs and the hallways upstairs

Wash walls on the basement stairs and the basement hallway

Clean out the toy closet, take everything out and organize toys.

Wash all the doors and the doorknobs on the main level

Wash all the doors and the doorknobs upstairs

Wash all the doors and the doorknobs in the basement

Clean sliding glass door inside and out, and the door track upstairs and down.

Wash the wood floor with soap and water on hands and knees

Dust the blinds of two windows in room of mom’s choice

Thank you for your suggestions! I think that I will love the foot rub! I will keep you all posted on how this is received!

p.s. you almost hope they are a little naughty!


J♥M said...

WOW! Maybe there'll be the day where they're all in trouble at the same time and everything will be sparkling at the same time and that includes your little piggies! I love it Karen!

Wendy said...

That's a really great idea. Its been fun catching up on your blog. I haven't visited it for a little while. Beautiful post on enjoying life and living in the moment. And it sounds like Dave worked for a really abusive boss. Some people are just weird. I hope everything works out with the new business. Come visit us!!

Rachelle said...

great idea cute lil' lady! i'll have to remember this one!

jessica rabbit said...

I think I might have to use those! MY house would be so clean after just 1 week!