Wednesday, September 9, 2009


summer fun in groups of nine
I know you have all been waiting to see what we were up to for the entire summer :)
My creation
summer started with Lauren dancing in the Stadium of FIRE!!! It was so much fun to watch her this year. We really enjoyed our first experience at the Stadium. It was so much fun, and so patriotic. I cried when they brought out all the different flags from our nations history! America really is a great country! The Jonas Brothers were very entertaining as well! We had a group of girls that were sitting in front of us, and they kept turning around to take a picture of the big screen that was behind us. The flash was driving my eyes crazy! Their screams were louder than the fireworks!
We went down to San Diego with some good friends. We had fun on the beach, went to Comic Con, posed with a fake pirate, watched a navy ship pull out of the harbor, and the boys went deep sea fishing!

My creation
learned to surf, had a blast boogie boarding, made our own private pool on the beach, camped on the beach for a week with family and friends, Lills loved the water, which made the twelve hour drive worth it (see the little snip-it below), watched many sunsets, this one is from the back patio at my sisters house in Laguna Beach, posed on the beach, and turned a cute little girl into a mermaid.

My creation
I just love this picture of Dave, thanks Nathan Petty for taking some awesome pictures of the Extreme Event crew, fell in love with Wicked, went to fan night for the Chargers, Brian and Carrina's wedding, happy birthday to Brad on 9/9/09, lots of baseball games, more posing at the temple, and by the end West just wanted to go home! We had a fun summer! We are glad to be home, and we want you all to do something fun on this special day!

Have a great 9-9-09!


Hopefam said...

Fun summer! We are so glad you are back we missed you so much!!

Emily Widdison said...

what a fun filled summer! Jealous me will just pretend that I went to the beach and saw wicket. Awesome musical. Awesome picture. Awesome YOU!
Such a fun video of your baby loving the water!