Friday, September 4, 2009

it's a good thing...

disclosure...the purpose of this post is not to get sympathy, please no "I am sorry..." The purpose is to journal, document the situation for history and posterity, and to see if anyone knows anyone who can help us move forward! Thanks!

On April 23rd Dave lost his job. He worked for Summit Fasteners. He had the job for a little under a year. He felt inspired to leave his Irwin job to take this position that would allow him to stay in Utah. See Irwin wanted him to move to Seattle area. Later we would find out that they wanted to promote him, because they would be dissolving his position, and they did not want to lose him, since he was their top Field Product Specialist. We did not feel good about moving to Seattle. So, he decided to take this job with the local company. He had worked with these guys when he was with Irwin, he had a good relationship with them. He said the owner was like a father figure to him. So there was no hesitation to take the job. He worked there for 9 months. The first month he was there he brought in 10 new clients. The guy who had the position before him had brought in two new clients in the two years that he worked there. Dave was feeling pretty good about his efforts. He continued to bring in new customers and worked hard for this company.

The owner who if you remember he compared to a father figure had all of a sudden turned into this ogre. Nothing Dave did was good enough. He was continually being told that he was not earning his wage. Dave worked so hard for this guy, he never took a lunch, he was always doing deliveries on his way home to save the company a trip. He just went above and beyond for this company. The other co-owner said that Dave was doing awesome, and that these lectures that the owner would give him were just his way of motivating Dave. Well, needless to say this was taxing day after day. Dave started to hate his job. He would never quit, or tell them that he was miserable, that is not Dave's character. I knew, and those that stayed in our home knew how much this weighed on him. April 21nd the owner told Dave that he was going to have to cut his wages in half. Dave came home and we talked about it, we decided that some wage was better than no wage. He went back the next day and told the owner that he would except the wage cut. Well, then April 23rd the owner pulled him in, and told him that he was going to let him go, that it was strictly his decision and that it was nothing that he had done. Dave said okay, shook his hand and got his stuff out of the companies truck, and someone brought him home.

So we counted this as a blessing. He was no longer working for this miserably grouchy man, and we could start looking for a different job. Dave applied for unemployment, and we waited for the approval. He got a phone call a week later from the unemployment agency. The women who was assigned to his case said that he was fired for being beligerant, vulgar and showing signs of anger. Dave was floored. He said are you kidding me? She said no, and that it was her job to get his side of the story before she made any formal decisions. Dave told her that this was simply untrue. He gave her some character witnesses phone numbers and waited. Well the lady called back the next day and said that she does not know what is going on, the witnesses all affirmed that Dave is a nice, even keeled kind of person. She also could not retrieve any kind of paper trail. There was never anything documented that Dave had ever been spoken to, or was warned or anything. So the lady granted Dave his unemployment. Well Dave needless to say was really hurt by the slanderous words that his former employer had used against him. He could not believe that this man would lie, and say these horrible things about him. What little respect he had left for him was gone.

Dave had never been fired from a job. He took great pride in his work and his work ethic. This situation took a toll on his self esteem. It is a guy thing, that who you are is defined by the work that you do and how much money you make, etc. He was bummed that this had happened, but at the same time relieved that he did not have to deal with that disfunctional job anymore.

He has since been looking for a job, but has had no bites. We were not too worried, since we had a nice chunk in savings. Since he lost his job he has placed over 50 resumes out there. So, instead of waiting to be hired, he decided to create his own company. He and three other great guys are starting a Event Planning Business. They are calling it Extreme Event Prodcutions.

So if you guys know anyone who needs help planning any kind of event, please let Dave know. This is my effort to help him get the word out.

Or if you know of any jobs, let Dave know.



Anonymous said...

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Mrs. Jones said...

Good luck with the new company guys!! I hope you have TONS of success!!!!!

Matt and Stephanie said...

Your family will be in our prayers!

oneworld said...

At times like this the best thing to do is to take action. Own up to your situation and come out on top. We believe in you and your familiy. You have so much talent and ability. You know that we have been doing very well in our company and Brandon is looking to hire on some more sharp and dedicated people with a good heart and work ethic. Our office is in taylorsville but we will be opening a new one end of this year beginning of next that we need to staff. The compensation is really good. If you want to do what is right for families this might be for him - he could also work part time while he is developing his own business. He should really give Brandon a call to explore his options : )

Kristin said...

I suppose you know why companies like to pretend they "fired" you... it happened to me once, when I was working fulltime and Garn was still at the Y. An employee at Dept. of Workforce services told me it's because a company who lays off an employee has to pay a portion of the unemployment benefits. They don't if they fire the person. So they're usually hard up if this is the case, or just really stingy (which ogres are known to be...) The horrible thing about this is that on top of loosing your source of income, you're blasted with self-doubt and slander when you need your courage the most. Talk to Garn... he can empathize with loosing a job. I know he decided in '02 (after 8 months) that a job you're overqualified for is better than none at all. So he took one working for 1/2 his previous pay, and then got a better offer a month or so later. We're thinking of you guys!

Julie said...

I've heard this same type of story many times. And we are currently in the same situation. It's been 6weeks and we still haven't heard from unemployment. 9 interviews and no job, even though interviews are where my husband shines. My husband's students and parents and even test scores could attest to what a wonderful teacher he was, but because his principal gave him bad reviews/reference, we worry his teaching career is over. It is awful how an employer can ruin the
names of the best men.

I hope things are looking up for you guys by now. Good luck with the new business.