Thursday, February 7, 2008


This ones from Hannah!
A-Z Tag

A - Attached or Single: attached
B - Best Friend: Dave
C - Cake or Pie: Texas Sheet Cake
D - Day of choice: Any day works for me
E - Essential Item: glasses or contacts, I have to be able to see things! And a toothbrush
F - Favorite Color: pink
G - Gummy Bears or Worms: Gummy bears
H - Hometown: San Diego, California
I - Indulgence(s): long, hot bubble baths, and taking naps
J - January or July: July
K - Kids: 2 girls, and 2 boys, and one unknown bun in the oven
L - Life is incomplete without: My husband, kids, gospel, and food
M - Marriage Date: January 9, 1998
N - Number of Siblings: 5 sisters and 2 brothers
O - Oranges or Apples: Oranges from the Moreau's trees, and fuji apples, I love all fruit!
P - Phobias or Fears: the dark
Q - Quotes: "Forget yourself and go to work" President Hinckley, quoting his father
R - Reason to smile: sunshine, my kids laughing
S - Season: I love every season, except Winter is too long. But I do like winter during the holidays. Living is San Diego most of my life, there was no seasons, so now that I live here, I truly enjoy the magic of each season. But if I had to pick one, it would be Summer.
T - Tag Three Friends: I can't handle the pressure of this, so if you want to be tagged, consider yourself tagged.
U - Unknown fact about me: My family and I were champions on the FAMILY FEUD!
V - Very favorite Store: Target
W - Worst habit: I am a procrastinator. I know, I need to repent!
X - X-ray or Ultrasound: This is one of those that you know they were like, what can we use for X. Does it really matter? I am grateful for both
Y - Your favorite food: Chips and Salsa!
Z - Zodiac: Taurus

Heather tagged me with this one about 2 monthes ago.. sorry Heather that I took so long to respond, here goes...

6 facts/habits about me.

1. In my backyard growing up, we had a swimming pool. Every year, my parents would let the pool go, you know during the cooler months, they would stop putting chemicals in it and cleaning it. So the pool would turn into a swampy, mossy, pond. One day, during these cooler months, I was in the backyard by the swampy pool, reading my Sesame Street books to the dog next door. He sat by the fence, as I read to him the adventures of Grover. My sister called from the house to tell me it was dinner time, so I stood up with my books in hand and was walking backwards saying good-bye to the dog. Next thing I knew, I was in the deep end of this swampy mess. My books at the bottom, and me covered in muck. My sister ran out laughing, and took me into the shower immediatly. Needless to say, I never walked backward by the pool again. Oh and I never read to the dog again either!

2. When I was 12, and a Safety Kid, I was invited, along with 4 of my fellow Safety Kids, to travel to Washington D.C. to sing in front of the National Federation for a Drug Free Youth. It was such a fun trip. and an honor to meet the first lady at the time, Nancy Reagan. We toured D.C., and marched in a parade. Then Elder Richard G. Scott's brother picked us up, and took us back to the airport. I will never forget that experience.

3. When I was a Senior in high school, I was Student Body President. It was fun! Since that time (15 years), there has been 6 people in my family (neices and nephews) who have been President as well.

4. I am a total homebody. I rarely get "cabin fever". It seems like there is always something to do at home.

5. I get stressed out, way too easily.

6. I have had three out of the four kids, oh de natural. No epidural. The first one, was with an epidural. The second one, I asked for the drugs when I was at a five, and 15 minutes later, the epidural doctor (I can't spell the correct name of this kind of doctor, and am too lazy to get up for a dictionary) came in and it was too late. So I had no choice with that one. The third, I choose no drug, and the fourth one I should have had one, cuz that one was dang hard. But I guess it became a pride thing. The fifth one, I have to go without an epidural, because, my insurance is where you have to pay 20% of the bill, so I don't want to pay for that. I know, I am crazy! But I do like the freedom of being able to get up and walk around.


Kami said...

Your swimming pool story is funny!

All natural? You are a real woman - you go girl! That is awesome.

Thank you for not tagging me, I don't want to be tagged anymore.

Meghan said...

I want to hear more about the natural birth thing...That is the way I want to go next time. Who is your OBGYN? My doctor now is pro epidural.
P.S. I'm glad you could swim. That is one reason I want my kids to learn!

Jones Family said...

That was fun to read.
I had my kids natural too. #1 was not on purpose. #2 totally was. I liked getting up right after too!

Lynette & Jeff Callister said...

I love reading about your life!!!

Kelli said...

can't even begin to imagine not having an epidural. you are a superstar. i wish i was more into the natural thing, and i thought i was until i had the first contraction. it was over from then on...same goes for breastfeeding. i breastfeed, don't get me wrong. but, i wish i was more la leche leaguish and really, really cared and was passionate about it. i am not. i just do it because of peer pressure and i know it is good for my baby. but a little formula from time to time ain't gonna hurt, right? thanks...

Tami said...

I remember that trip to Washington D.C. with Safety Kids. I didn't go. I was totally jealous. Lisha and Kari went. They were better. :)