Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Blogging Withdrawls

I have not had a computer for almost a week. I am seriously having withdrawls. I had to borrow Dave's work computer just to let you all know that I am still here, and I will someday have a computer to blog again. I don't get to use his computer very much, so I won't be posting as often, and peeking in on all your fun lives will be lessened. Just know that it will be Zion when we can blog again! Pray that my computer makes a speedy recovery, and that they can save all my pictures from it.


jessica rabbit said...

How SAD! I HATE computer problems. HATE HATE HATE. I seriously LIVE on my computer. Depressing, I know.

Kami said...

Hope you are back soon!! :)

Lynette & Jeff Callister said...

Sad what happened to it.
Miss you :(

Brett & Amy said...

Oh, I so hope you don't lose your pictures. I have a big fear of that. I just finished backing up all mine onto disks. I just know now that the kids are on the computer more, it's goin' down.

KarliSue said...

I miss you! I want you to know you can come use my computer anytime you need to until your computer is fixed.

elshmobelsh said...

Oh, do I ever know that feeling! I was without a computer for...a month and a half. I almost died! okay, not really, but it was hard. I'm glad you have your back. I loved the Edward and gang picture. Onetime he came all the way across the street to our driveway in search of free handouts. They are funny.

I hope you are feeling well and looking forward to your exciting summer. Maybe I'll see you when we are working on our yard in a couple weeks.

love ya!